About Us

At FAST we believe in the power of uniting the world’s female aviators. We believe in inspiring the next generation of female pilots and empowering our current aviators. We believe that female pilots worldwide should be equipped with the resources and support they require to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle both inside and out of the flight deck. Whether you are joining us to cultivate a sisterhood, network with fellow aviators, or simply feel a part of something larger, FAST welcomes you!

FAST has been a platform for female aviators worldwide in all aviation industry ventures since our establishment as a non-profit 501(c)(3) in 2015.  Our elite group of more than 10,700 members began with three female aviators looking for resources who addressed and took action on the curiosities and concerns of female pilots, exclusively.

Our vision is to be the most influential platform for impacting female aviators.

At FAST everything is informed by our three core pillars: to Elevate, to Encourage, and to Empower


There’s immense power in connection – remotely and in-person. That’s where FAST shines. Through annual in person and virtual summits, to a Facebook community of over 11,600 female aviators, and member driven meet-ups around the globe, this is the largest and actively engaged non-profit community of exclusively female pilots in the world.


Since 2016 we have awarded $145,000 in scholarships with the help from our invaluable members, and sponsorships from LOFT Advanced Flight Training, Raven Careers, Professional Pilot Career Coach Lynsey Howell, Allison Fohr, Endre Holen and Stephanie Goetz, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and JETPUBS


We empower and equip female aviators to be as exceptional as they can be inside and outside the flight deck. From camaraderie to instant support when struggles arise, FAST is one of the top go-to organizations for female aviators to help them collaborate with other pilots and achieve their true greatness. The sky isn’t even the limit for us – there are footprints on the moon after all!