Our Summits

Overview of Summits

As FAST began to take shape, we quickly realized we had a desire to meet one another, to socialize, and grow.  We wanted our gatherings to be socially focused, small, relaxed.  An atmosphere of hanging with your girlfriends for an afternoon of catching up, sharing stories and tips for surviving the crazy lives we lead.  Which would lead into a dinner out with those friends and a toast to being the amazing women we are.  We started with the idea that it would be a “party with a purpose” which evolved into calling our gathering of greats a female aviator conference or summit.  A Summit is defined as the highest point of a hill or mountain.  This is what we are striving for, to stand on top of every hill and every mountain in front of us becoming the best we can be inside and out of the cockpit.

History of our Events

Our Inaugural Summit was May 16, 2019 in Chicago.  Our second Summit of 2019 was held in Houston on October 16. Our keynote speakers have included United’s System Chief Pilot, Bebe O’Neil and United’s Nancy Barteczko, Airbus Captain.  The afternoon of the Summit is filled with 3 additional “Let’s Chat” sessions.  Speakers cover topics related to aviation and work-life balance.  We chatted about ATC, General Aviation, meal prep on the go, health and life balance, and self-defense.  We round out the afternoon with a “Gap Chat.”  A panel discussion with women from all facets of the industry addressing the paths they took to get to where they are, discussing current events and talking about ways to address sexual harassment.  After wrapping up the Summit, we head out for a Night of Networking, a NON.  This gives us the opportunity to meet one another directly and to gather in a social atmosphere.  And most importantly, to toast the amazing women we are.

Our Generous Sponsors

We are very thankful to have had the support of United Airlines for our first two Summits. This partnership will continue into further summits.

We want a relationship with you! F.A.S.T. has Corporate Sponsorship opportunities available. Please email admin@fastpilots.org for more information.

Future Summits

Plans were well underway for our 2020 Summits.  The first one was to be held in Denver in May; however, due to COVID-19, the Summit was postponed.  This was a heartbreaking decision, but in the best interest of everyone’s health and wellness.  As we watched the world transition further into a digital world, we realized our Summit could go on.

How Do I Sign Up?

As Summits are planned, we will announce them on our website along with other social media outlets.  Guests who wish to attend will be directed to an Eventbrite invite to register for the Summit.