Ambassador Program:

The FAST Ambassador Program is one like no other! We pride ourselves on not just sharing our passion for flying with the next generation via classroom visits and online resources, but more so we connect parents to valuable information to help them assist their child in pursuing their dreams. Be sure to click on the Parent tab for more details. If you are interested in joining the FAST Ambassador team and changing the face of aviation please email us today:

At FAST, Everything is Informed by Our Three Core Pillars:


There’s immense power in connection – remotely and in-person. That’s where FAST shines. Through annual in person and virtual summits, to a Facebook community of almost 14,000 female aviators, and member driven meet-ups around the globe, this is the largest and actively engaged non-profit community of exclusively female pilots in the world.


You deserve the power to feel and be the best version of yourself and FAST is here to help you achieve that. Since 2016 FAST has awarded close to  $200,000 worth of scholarships, type ratings, and more from our generous members and industry leaders, such as United Airlines and Raven Careers. We also offer the first of its kind mentorship program designed to equip our members with invaluable resources they can carry with them throughout their aviation journey.


We empower and equip female aviators to be as exceptional as they can be inside and outside the flight deck. From camaraderie to instant support when struggles arise, FAST is one of the top go-to organizations for female aviators to help them collaborate with other pilots and achieve their true greatness. The sky isn’t even the limit for us – there are footprints on the moon after all!