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Flight Schools: Ready to join FAST & The 10,000 Discovery Flight Challenge?
Your school can help change the face of aviation!

Ready to support the next generation of female pilots?

Discovery Flights:

We are on a mission to fund 10,000 discovery flights to young girls who are curious about flying. This is an opportunity to introduce the joy of flying and ignite the spark in girls ages 8* and up. Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who is curious about becoming a pilot? This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to flying. 

A Discovery Flight is an opportunity for young girls and their guardians to go flying with a certified flight instructor. There are flight schools all over the world that are part of our network. Families who are participating in our Discovery Flights will contact a participating flight school in their area. They will coordinate a flight with that school and then FAST will pay for these flights. 

So if you are a parent or grandparent of a young girl, sign-up for a Discovery Flight today. If you are a flight school or instructor, join the movement and help make 10,000 Discovery Flights possible for girls across the globe. It’s time we all do our part to empower the next generation of powerful young women and open their imaginations to the world of flying. The world awaits! Join us! 

*Due to insurance limitations, some flight schools may need to limit the age range. Be sure to check with the flight school nearest you. 

Find a Discovery Flight Location:

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Common Questions:

A Discovery Flight is a short flight in which you go up in a small aircraft with a certified flight instructor and experience the joy of flying! You will takeoff, climb/descend, do small turns and land the aircraft with the assistance of the instructor. It will be so much fun.

When you sign up via the FAST 10,000 Discovery Flights, FAST will fund it; therefore, your child will be able to have this opportunity at NO cost to you.

You must complete the Discovery Flight within 120 days of contacting the flight school.

Not necessarily, but you will create a lifelong memory and understand your potential than you can do and be anything. You do not have to become a pilot, but you do have to comprehend how powerful you are!

The flight is usually 30 minutes long.

Don’t fret! The flight school will work with your family to reschedule your discovery flight.

Comfortable clothing, pants and close-toed shoes are best.

Yes! .. Although you might be busy flying the aircraft. Refer to your specific flight school for opportunities for chaperones to ride along in the back seat of the aircraft to take pictures.