FAST isn’t one person… it isn’t one entity. FAST is comprised of thousands of women who are all tied together by a common passion… the love of flying. Within that, our members have all had their own personal setbacks. The number 1 setback being…. Money! There’s no way around it…. flying is EXPENSIVE! Whether our member is working on her ratings or just trying to get back in the air after a leave of absence, fuel and instructor costs are not cheap. We recognize the financial burdens that our members face on a daily basis and made the decision to start trying to raise funds to help our members in need. Last year alone we awarded $19,000 in scholarships. With the continued support of our sponsors and the generous donations of our members we hope to continue to offer funds and various scholarship opportunities each Spring. Fundraising events such as FAST giving in June and Giving Tuesday in December are two occasions within the year that our members can help another member in achieving her goals.

FAST has given away $145,000 in scholarships for female pilots since our founding in 2015!

Please remember that FAST is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible. Should you like to make a contribution at this time please visit our donation page.


FAST would like to thank our members for their VERY generous donations which have funded our 2020 scholarships. The scholarships we are providing will alleviate some financial burden while our recipients work to achieve their goals. Your donations ARE making a difference to female aviators! 


This year’s recipient of the Continuing-In-Flight Scholarship is:


Annareka Akovity

2nd PLACE:


Tanya Rames



This year’s recipients of the Back-In-Flight Scholarship are:




Karen Michelle Schrader




Nabill Velez Rodriguez



This year’s recipient of the Fun-In-Flight Scholarship is:




Kelli O’Donnell



This year’s recipient of the Prep for Success-In-Flight Scholarship is:




Prachi Rajni Shah



This year’s recipient of the Discover-In-Flight Scholarship is:




Amelia Jakum



Stay connected with us on FAST’s Facebook page and here on our website for more scholarship opportunities. We will be announcing the recipients of our FAST scholarships in February, 2021!

If you have any questions, want more information on making a donation, or would like to sponsor a scholarship, please send an email to the Scholarship Committee Chair, Anusha Gregory at

Click here to make a donation to FAST.