Melissa Bermudez, Treasurer

Melissa BermudezStandards Captain Citation X

I was 28 before I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, which was a pilot! I started flying in 2003 out of PDK and have had a fantastic career ever since! I was a flight instructor for 3.5 years as well as flew for the Georgia Forestry and did one year as a CCIP. My first full time job was with PlaneSense where I flew a PC12 for 3.5 years. Fantastic plane and company but I wanted to fly faster so I put my resume in with XOJET and got hired with them in 2011.

Dawn Cook was my first flight instructor and friend so when she reached out to me about acting on the board with FAST., I was very excited! To be a part of such a large and diverse crowd in an industry where we are the minority is inspiring! I hope we can pass along that inspiration and support to the future aviatrix all over the world!